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Monster Beverage Corp.

Monster Beverage Corporation, a force in the world of energy drinks, tells a story of boldness and passion. Born from the entrepreneurial vision of Hubert Hansen in the 1930s, who together with his sons sold fresh juices in California, the company has gone through decades of transformation. With the advent of Tim Hansen, the family made a breakthrough by pasteurizing their juices, thus expanding their reach. In 1992, with the acquisition by Hansen Natural Corporation and subsequent name change to Monster Beverage Corporation in 2012, the company embarked on an unprecedented expansion into the energy drink industry. Today, Monster isn't just a drink, it represents a lifestyle in a can, encapsulating the relentless spirit of victory and personal excellence. With the slogan "Unleash the Beast", Monster invites consumers to unleash the beast within, encouraging them to overcome their limits. This ethos is evident not only in brand communication but also in their innovative marketing strategy which prefers direct connection with consumers through sports sponsorships and events, rather than traditional advertising.

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