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About Us

KeyValue is an asset management project orchestrated by a cadre of finance-enthusiast students, tasked with the stewardship of a proprietary investment fund endowed with an initial capital of 1 million Euros.


The fund's strategic objective encompasses portfolio diversification and the optimization of returns over a medium to long-term horizon.

This objective is pursued through an integrated investment strategy that marries traditional value investing principles with macroeconomic analysis and quantitative techniques, further augmented by judicious speculative activities. Under the guidance of a seasoned portfolio manager, the initiative is committed to the perpetual refinement of its investment methodologies and the deepening of its collective expertise.

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Our Important Values

Every investment decision is supported by these values and a detailed analysis of the market and the asset, ensuring an informed and responsible management of capital.


We operate with a meticulous approach and prudent management to ensure the security of investments.


Open communication with investors, sharing key information and strategic decisions, is essential for our trusted relationship.


We face challenges with determination, seeking innovative solutions and persevering in the pursuit of our goals.


We strive to create long-term value for investors, harnessing the power of a quantitative and qualitative approach.


Our Mission and Vision

KeyValue's mission is to guide the allocation of financial resources with meticulous precision, leveraging our advanced expertise to generate lasting value. Through in-depth market analysis, accurate qualitative and quantitative assessments, and meticulous risk analysis, we aim to deliver strong and persistent financial results. We focus on transparent, open, and honest communication to build trust and consolidate lasting relationships with our collaborators.

We aim to establish, within a six-year timeframe, an Asset Management company capable of consolidating its position as a global leader, focusing on promoting sustainable and durable long-term development. We are committed to achieving this goal through the meticulous application of our expertise and strategies, all oriented towards maximizing value for investors.

Our Team

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