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Founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke, Adobe originated in a garage in Mountain View, California, following what can be considered a tradition among successful companies in Silicon Valley. The name "Adobe" comes from the Adobe Creek stream that flowed behind the house of John Warnock, one of the co-founders. From its humble beginnings, Adobe has grown to become the renowned software house we know today, specializing in photo and video editing software. The founders' initial vision, combined with their innovative spirit, has allowed Adobe to create revolutionary products that have transformed the way people create, distribute, and interact with digital content. Over the years, Adobe has made many strategic acquisitions that have strengthened its position in the market and expanded its product offerings. One of the most significant acquisitions was that of Macromedia in 2005, for 3.57 billion dollars, bringing key products like Flash and Dreamweaver under Adobe's roof, significantly expanding the range of software solutions offered by the company.

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