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Asset Management Project


About Us

KeyValue is an asset management project run by students passionate about finance, aimed at managing a proprietary investment fund with an initial equity of 1 million Euros. The primary objective of the fund is to diversify the portfolio and maximize returns over the medium to long term.

What You Can Find

Financial Reports

We diligently provide comprehensive quarterly reports, offering a transparent and in-depth analysis of the portfolio's performance. These reports not only capture key financial metrics but also articulate the specific investment strategies we have implemented.

Equity Research

Our Research extend beyond mere numerical figures. We provide a narrative that elucidates the intrinsic value of the business, considering both quantitative and qualitative aspects. 

Macro Research

We offer detailed market reports, trend analysis, and key weekly financial news. Our sector research ensures a comprehensive and up-to-date view to support strategic decision-making.

Grow with us

Do you have a specialized and innovative vision? Apply for one of the open positions

Portfolio Manager

Play a crucial role in overseeing and optimizing investment portfolios. Responsibilities include strategic asset allocation, risk management, and continuous market analysis to make informed investment decisions.



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